Tuesday, December 23, 2008

IdN/FSC NeoYork Submission

Forgot to upload this back in November. This is my entry for an upcoming book by Freestyle Collective and IdN.
Artist were invited and asked to depict a moment in their idea of Neo New York. Anyway not much to say about the piece, overall I felt it was a little rushed, but I am happy with the result.

Cover art of the book coming soon.


Wandelmaier said...

Nice work! Love the lighting. I like that you focused in on a specific moment rather than a big global shot of "Neo New York" with a kinds of busy stuff going on (was the first thing that came to mind for me).

Very nice!

NOOK said...

Thanks a lot man! I usually like to focus on weird odd moments, but I do feel I need to get a bit more dynamic.

Also I told you this but I will say it again! I like your new york piece also.