Monday, April 26, 2010

The Decade Art show photos

While I wasn't able to attend the show I did get to relive it through

cRease1ne's Flickr photo Set Here

Remember not my photo.

Friday, April 16, 2010

East and West Coast.

Hey all you beautiful people! Long time no post but I wanted to give a heads up. There are two Events happening for April 17th.
First We have The Decade art show in San Francisco. Its being put together by Assembly line Collective and it's going to take place at Space Gallery. There are going to be some awesome artist showing which you may know! I wont be there in person so if you do show up please be so kind to take some pictures.

Here is the flyer for more info:

Larger Image

Also a link to all the artist Here

Now if You are on the East Coast and able to get to Brooklyn. The building Which I have my studio in (and share with a friend) is throwing an open house. 30 studios will be open to the public including Mines. Plenty of free Booze and Artist at hand, So come by to hang. Also Free Limo Service from the train station to the studio. And of course another Flyer with info Yay!

Larger Image

Link to artist Here